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Ability to determine positions and contribute to the decision value of the company adhere to the human resource is the first resource principle, Liangcai applicable, for posts, using cadres of the competition mechanism, stimulate the creativity and potential of the staff, to the talented person with the growth conditions, the value of promotion, to employees to the contribution and measure the staff of the enterprise value, the decency, diligence, business ability, work efficiency high talents come to the fore.
Let employees better, make the company more excellent companies pay attention to each employee's career development, the implementation of staff training, the establishment of a learning team, for the staff to develop and provide a multi-faceted and multi-level domestic and foreign professional training, including new staff training, management training and overseas investigation, interview, to comprehensively enhance the staff's comprehensive quality and professional ability. Through all kinds of training, not only to enhance the personal value of employees, but also to promote the company's overall knowledge structure and the continuous improvement of the overall competitiveness of enterprises.
Heart to heart communication, express has insights talents here the definition of requirements must not only toe, step-by-step execution. Here, superiors and subordinates work consistent with the purpose and pursuit is to achieve the desired results, the chairman and the president's office door is always open, companies are encouraged to staff offer advice and suggestions. A good personnel should first be thinking and eloquence here, then dare to break the normal procedure put forward their own views.
Human adaptation of its position, the person, all-round development here in the use of people with particular emphasis on the suitability of the investigation and adjustment. Once there is a suitable opportunity, employees will be transferred to another post, another area to contact new areas, to challenge the new target. So, many people are everywhere all rounder, is full of confidence to develop their own vision and career
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